Install Tarleton VPN client on your personal home Windows computer

Install Tarleton VPN client on your personal home Windows computer

On your personal home Windows computer connected to your home Internet service, browse to Cisco ASDM using the Internet browser of your choice.

Login with your Tarleton NTNET credentials

Authenticate via Duo multi-factor authentication

Once logged in, choose AnyConnect

Click on Start AnyConnect

The following window will appear. Click the Download for Windows button. This will begin the download process.

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client installer will be downloaded to your computer. Save and run the executable

Open the anyconnect msi executable file. Click OK on the question when prompted.

Step through the installation prompts. Leave all choices as default

Accept the terms in the License Agreement

On the Ready to Install prompt, click Install. If an additional prompt appears, click Yes to install.

Click the Finish button to exit the installation setup process.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN is now installed on your computer

Launch the Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Locate the Cisco Any Connect program in your Windows Start menu.

Open the Cisco AnyConnect application. 

Enter in the Connect field.

Enter your Tarleton NTNET username and password. For the second password, type in one of the following:

  • Push - this will send a push to your Duo app
  • Phone - this will call your Duo registered phone number
  • SMS - this will send an SMS text to your Duo registered phone number


Click OK to connect to Tarleton VPN.




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